2.5GHz octa-core Processor

5.7-inch TFT display with HD+ (1,440 x 720 pixels) resolution

13-megapixel primary camera
8-megapixel front camera

3090 mAh Battery

32 GB Internal
2G, 3g, 4G Supports, Volte, Lte
Dual Sims
Rs. 19500/-
Android 7.1.1 Nougat
Colors: Black and Gold

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  1. п»їHow Social Media Is Helping Defeat Cyber-Bullying

    Social media has been blamed for the rise of cyber-bullying – and now it is being used to counter it
    The traditional media loves a cyber-bullying story, and while cynics may argue that the level and tone of the coverage owes much to the Fourth Estate’s desire to put the young interloper that is social media in it’s place, the ubiquity and scope of social media channels make the issue impossible to ignore.
    The issue reached its peak recently following the suicide of a young Rutgers University student, Tyler Clementi, whose college roommate posted a secretly filmed video on YouTube of him having sex. With so much of the sad saga played out via social media channels – from the initial video posting, to the offending roommate tweeting his intentions to repeat his actions, to Tyler’s chilling suicide note on Facebook – there is no doubt that social media was a main agent in the whole affair.
    Because of its reach, cyber-bullying can have a devastating impact on a young person’s life. A schoolyard bully has limited scope within which to humiliate and torment, but an online bully can seem unstoppable. The immediacy and sheer reach of social media means that the reactions to being embarrassed on such a forum are equally exaggerated. It’s bad enough to feel like your whole school is laughing behind your back, but the whole world?
    But while social media has the potential to inflame and multiply the effects of bullying, it can also be successfully harnessed to provide a solution to the problem.
    Beating the bullies
    Several organisations are already doing just that, with MTV launching Draw Your Line, a visualisation tool that encourages young people to take action against digital abuse and share these actions and tips with others. The tool is part of A Thin Line, an organisation dedicated to decreasing digital abuse and bullying, and protecting children and young adults from the dangers of an increasingly online world.
    Closer to home, the Inspire Foundation, an Australian youth organisation, runs Reach Out, a program designed to improve mental health and increase general wellbeing among young people. Understanding the world in which its audience moves, the program makes heavy use of social media, with blogging platforms, an online community and a highly interactive website that targets everything from young people dealing with mental illness and alcohol abuse to home problems and cyber-bullying.
    It is a prime example of the ways in which the same channels that have enabled cyber-bullying weapons can be used to successfully counter it. The Australian Government has also sought to address the issue through its cybersmart website and dedicated YouTube channel.
    Social media is a conduit through which society operates. Of itself, it is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’, but it magnifies the good and the bad that exists – and has always existed – in society. The fact that it is successfully being used to counter something as insidious as bullying is surely a good thing.

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  2. п»їSEO is The Process of Getting Your Website Ranked High

    After talking to others within your field or searching the Internet, you’ve probably come across the term: SEO. This is short, of course, for search engine optimization. You’ve probably asked yourself, “What is SEO?”
    SEO, or search engine optimization, is simply the process of getting your website ranked higher in the search engines through the natural, or unpaid, search results. In other words, not the paid (Pay-Per-Click) results on the outside columns. This is important because the face of the Internet is changing. With over 75% of large and small companies now online, there’s an increase in competition and ‘market share’ for the top search engine positions. Your goal should be having your website placed within the top ten positions in the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google, of course, currently holds over 60% of all online searches. So, this should be a primary target for your SEO work. Studies show that most consumers will rarely look beyond these top placements when conducting an online search.
    Learning about easy SEO tips is important to enjoy smooth business operations. You need to define clear and end goals for your site and enjoy improved sales within a short period of time.
    Here are a few tips that may prove helpful for you;
    1. Keyword research – You need to generate and understand a glossary of keyword phrases that takes care of both end prospects and content that you’re planning to publish online. Prepare a list of keywords that you might need in your marketing journey.
    2. Content development plan – Content creation should be done keeping all the important keywords in mind. Give emphasis to your flow of words and expression to bring clarity to the subject.
    3. Keyword mapping – Keyword mapping is an important aspect of content planning for any website. Use a spreadsheet and map keywords for each and every page accordingly.
    4. Keyword phrase order – Matching keywords to the related page requires a thorough planning. Anticipate queries and relate to the keywords with the pages so that interested users will come to the exact landing page.
    5. Buying cycle of the keywords – Make a buying cycle for your website and plan the content flow according to it. Start the process from research, consideration, evaluation and purchase.
    6. Keyword prominence – Once you have made the keyword list, select which ones you want to highlight in order of the weightage. Prepare a matching title/meta description tag in the page content and drive the much needed traffic.
    First introduced in the mid-1990’s, the nature of SEO has changed and continues to evolve with the World Wide Web. As SEO improves, so will the user’s search experience on the Internet. So, what is the true answer to the “What is SEO” question? Quite simply, it’s essential.

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